Wood Pellets
In 2011 our 50th year in the fencing installation business our management team decided to assess our business practices and the impact our business was having on our environment. One thing that became very apparent was that there was allot of wood bi-product that we were generating from the custom wood fencing that we were manufacturing in our shop. We decided to investigate possible re-use for this wood bi-product and we learned that there were some simple changes we could make to re-use this wood. We learned about two manufacturing solutions to using the excess wood that we would have been just throwing away. These two manufacturing processes are Wood Pelleting and the other is manufacturing Biochar. We invested funds to purchase a wood pellet machine so that we could create wood pellets for wood pellet stoves. We also learned more about the process of creating Biochar and now we are manufacturing Biochar for resale. We suspect most people are familiar with Wood Pellets and the efficiency of wood pellets stoves to heat their homes which is a better cleaner alternative to burning oil to heat their homes. The big question we receive is what is Biochar? We hope that through some basic information that we are able to provide to you that you will clearly see the advantages to using Biochar.

We continue to look for ways to improve our business practices to help minimize our carbon foot print and to improve our local community. We are currently researching projects through the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund in which we can partner with our local Government to utilizes our resources to potentially create energy.
We generate allot of wood chips in the process of manufacturing cedar wood fences. These cedar wood bi-products are excellent to turn into saw dust which in turn we are able to turn into wood pellets.

If you have any wood bi-products such as wood chips, wood shavings, or saw dust that you would be putting in your trash or dumpster please give us a call and we would be happy to make an arrangement to take them off of your hands. Please
give Paul a call at (508) 725-0051.
Organic Biochar (terra preta)
Soil supplement which will help your plants thrive, and will improve water conservation near and around your plants.
Horticultural charcoal: the most efficient, 100% organic soil amendment known. Made from pure hardwood feedstock. Adsorbs moisture, fertilizers, nitrogen and releases these to plants. 

Lightens dense soils. 

Enhance potting mix with one part biochar to five to ten parts soil or potting mix. Spread in the bottom of a transplant hole 1/4" deep. 10# per 100 square feet worked into the garden 4-6" deep.

Recommended: When using RAW Biochar Inoculate with compost or compost tea.

Extends any fertilizer applications. Extends any watering. Large surface area and unique porosity creates a haven for microbe habitation. Repeated applications increase the benefits over time. Remains in soil for many years to come.